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The inside of your home is your sanctuary. It is the space you and your family spend the most time and the first thing you see when you return from work. A well maintained and aesthetically pleasing home tells people that you know how to take care of you and yours. But sometimes daily life can be hard on your interior and time takes its toll on everything.If you are looking to have the interior of your home remodeled or repaired then DGM Renovations, Inc. is here to make those plans become part of your property.


No matter what, we are always makings sure that our clients are getting the renovations they want, performed in a timely and economic manner. Painting, new molding, trim, flooring, interior doors, closet organizers, built-ins, lighting, electrical, HVAC upgrades: We perform all of these services in-house and with other licensed trades to ensure that the proper techniques are utilized and that problems do not arise due to inexperience or lack of forethought.


If you are looking to increase the value of your home or just to make it a pleasant place for you and your family, then make sure to ask us about having the interior of your home decorated as you have always envisioned using the latest colors and materials. We work closely with experienced interior decorators and designers to help with the daunting task of pulling it all together.


Another part of renovating that people commonly overlook is the garage. A garage is a space just like any other so why not make the most of it. You can turn it into a small home office, a place to store and preserve food, a studio, a laundry room and so much more. Even if it is just a storage space we can create built-ins so you can use every inch of space. Possibly allowing you to stop using your basement as a storage area and turn it into functional living space.Whatever your idea, give us a call and we will help you make your home into exactly how you always wanted it.


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